Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Tokyo Day 2, Part IV: Random Pics of the Day

IMG_0807 400x299

This is Design Festa. Sound familiar? They have sort of a toy show every year. It was really interesting inside. It's part gallery, but really a working Artist Studio. It had a really chill, artist vibe going on there. A wonderful creative oasis in the middle of busy Tokyo.... Reminds me of my summers spent at the Barnsdall Art Center home of Frank Lloyd Wright's Hollyhock House. Which...bringing it full circle...is where a scene of "Black Rain" was filmed starring Michael Douglas.... How you like that?

IMG_0808 400x533

IMG_0809 400x533

IMG_0810 400x533

Ben and Nicky G...

IMG_0827 400x533

Scott, Josh and Fabian on beautiful tree-lined street near Original Fake...

IMG_0792 400x533

This dude is getting married!!

IMG_0790 400x533

Flippers around the corner from Original Fake with bags full of Stormtroopers. Oh, wait...that's just Mark!

IMG_0828 400x533

Plotting the rest of the day

IMG_0830 400x533

Ricky aka Velocitron doing his best BLObPUS face with custom by Bert...

IMG_0829 400x533

Back to Secret Base!

IMG_0811 400x533

IMG_0812 400x299

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