Sunday, October 05, 2008

Tokyo Day 1, Part II: Harujuku - Secret Base

IMG_0759 400x533

Next, we head over to Harajuku which is apparently the hot spot for cool kids with tons of money to spend on fashionista sneakers and clothes. Like many places in Tokyo, it's a feast for the eyes and senses with storefronts bursting with neon and the latest streetwear. Harajuku is also home to two of the very originators of new Japanese vinyl toys: Bounty Hunter and Secret Base.

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IMG_0760 400x533

Secret Base owner Hiddy, Jon and I checking out the latest 'Base.

IMG_0745 400x464

Yumi behind the counter. You might remember her from San Diego Comic Con!

IMG_0740 400x533

IMG_0739 400x533

IMG_0741 400x299

Amazing Usugrow painting on one of the doors!

IMG_0746 400x533

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