Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Tokyo Day 2, Part IV: Koenji, Gargamel Thrashout

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Whew! Still only on Day 2!! Man, my legs are getting tired just reading this stuff!!! After the nice visit to Cosmo Knight Alpha, I was pretty much done. I pulled the rip cord at the Shinjuku station and went back to my hotel room for a much needed break. The hardcore (Brian and Nicky G) continued to shop for vintage on the next stop which is Koenji, home turf of Gargamel. Tonight Gargamel was hosting Brian, Josh and Super 7 for a customs show featuring Super 7 toys as well as original art by Josh Herbolsheimer. It was a lot of fun and it seemed many of the local toy makers came out for the show.

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IMG_0861 400x299

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Here are the night's production releases...

IMG_0860 400x299

Koji, Dennis, Josh and Glenn...

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IMG_0868 400x533


IMG_0866 400x533

IMG_0863 400x299

Nicky losing Yen at the Gashapan Baikin machine...

IMG_0862 400x533

Itokin Park in the middle and Joe Maxaltoman on the right...

IMG_0870 400x533

Datadub and Lamour Supreme

IMG_0872 400x533

Joel with a custom for Mark. I want that.

IMG_0871 400x533

Dudes from Linden Toy

IMG_0881 400x533

Skull Toys and toybot studios

IMG_0875 400x533

Dennis, Funnyara (Astro Zombies), Pushead and Jon

IMG_0882 400x533

IMG_0873 400x533

IMG_0869 400x533

Itokin Park with illustration from Bert.

IMG_0853 400x533

Martin Ontiveros leaving his mark....

IMG_0883 400x533

Check out the video, watch Joel's, Zag Tattoo dance!!

Thrashout from toybot studios on Vimeo.

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