Friday, April 29, 2011

Mutant Vinyl Hardcore Red Ollie Teaser

red ollie 400x614

Red is the new black. Releases 5/21/2011

CollectionDX Review of 3A WWRp Armstrong Toy Tokyo Exclusive

Paul Kaiju New Sculpt: KING JINX

King-Jinx-6-566x500 400x353

Check out Paul Kaiju's next resin figure: KING JINX..!!

King Jinx was based off a Kaiju TV show concept a friend and I dreamed up in the early 80′s. It’s been on my mind for many many years, and I decided it was time to “Tack it down” so to speak. Molds next. 7 parts with 3 points of articulation. Wish me luck!

King-Jinx-4-409x500 400x488

Siccaluna Koubo Angry Kappa Super Festival

kappasama%20okoru 400x533

It's Superfest in Japan, and this one has the big buzz around it today! New from Siccaluna Koubo of Japan (who you've been hearing a lot about lately!) comes this Angry version of Kappa. 8" tall with menacing red eyes. Pre-Order from Lulubell Toys

First Impression: Super 7 Bronze Skullwalker

IMG_0118 400x533

I checked out Brian Flynn's new solid bronze Skullwalker last weekend. Need a cannonball? This will do. The first thing you notice when you pick it up is it's heft. Solid bronze. Heavy. Wanna bust that window? Easy with this thing. Makes a great paperweight, but you might not be able to get to those papers again. Impressive, beautiful object. $300. Available now at Super7

Check out the awesome interview over at Spanky Stokes for all the details.

IMG_0117 400x533

Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon Trailer

Transformers 3 Dark Of The Moon Theatrical Trailer from Michael Bay Dot Com on Vimeo.

ok, where were all these mofo's in the first two movies? More importantly, where the frak did Megan go?

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Le Merde Custom Burgerbuns Trilogy MIDNIGHT Tonight..!!

Le Merde Burgerbuns

Le Merde Custom Burgerbuns Trilogy on sale MIDNIGHT tonight..!!! Get yours HERE

Le Merde Burgerbuns

Le Merde Burgerbuns

Le Merde Burgerbuns

3A Toys WWRp Heavy Bramble and Popbot

3A WWRp Heavy and Pop

Hold onto your Paypal accounts and be prepared to wait awhile. Snaps of the upcoming WWRp versions of Heavy Bramble and Popbot. 3A is fiendish. I was pretty much over Heavy Brambles now that I have two large ones. I was also over Popbots as I have 3 or 4 large ones. But 3A sells them to you all over again, but bite size..! Damn you 3A...Damn you!

3A WWRp Heavy and Pop

Four Horsemen x Onell Design Outer Space Men Wave 3 & 4 Preview...!!

Outer Space Men Wave 3&4
Commander Comet

Nice..! Check out this post from ActionFigure Pics showing previews of The Outer Space Men waves 3&4. Hopefully we will see the first colorways at SDCC 2011..!

via: Battlegrip

Alpha 7
Outer Space Men Wave 3&4

Outer Space Men Wave 3&4

electron (will come with full body parts)
Outer Space Men Wave 3&4

Pics from NYCC and meeting with Gary Schaeffer

Mystron on left
Gary Schaeffer @ NYCC

Gary Schaeffer @ NYCC

Commander Comet and Alpha 7 on Left
Gary Schaeffer @ NYCC

SUPER FESTIVAL 56 Preview...!!

Super Festival 56

G Memories Black Mecha Godzilla
Super Festival 56

Super Festival 56

Super Festival 56

Fewture Models
Super Festival 56

Mummy Kappa
Super Festival 56
Super Festival 56

Nirasawa Phantom Core Bye Bye
Super Festival 56

Nirasawa T-shirt
Super Festival 56
Super Festival 56

Sugawara Yoshito Kamen Rider 40th Anniversary T-shirt..!
Super Festival 56

Mirock x RealxHead
Super Festival 56

Super Festival 56

NERD ONE x Dr. Strange Toys
Super Festival 56

Random Toys from Last Weekend

IMG_0111 400x533

A few pick ups from last weekend. Above: 75% Gundam Bearbricks. DOM rules over all...! $6.00 at Ningyoushi. 16 different characters to choose from..!

Martin Ontiveros Ojo Rojo by Gargamel. Clear pink with purple spray. One of the best colorways IMO
IMG_0230 400x533

Clear mini Eyezon from Max Toy Co. 5th Anniversary..
IMG_0118 400x533

"Immortals" Movie Trailer

Greek mythology by creators of "300"? These guys like their Greek warfare. The story revolves around the Greek mythology character Theseus and his battle with this Titans. Comes out November 11th.

Alex Wald x Atelier G-1 Junk Giant GARAKUTAGIGAS!!

Alex Wald Garakutagigas

Exciting news reported by Garamania today that Atelier G-1 is going to release a vinyl version of the above Junk Giant GARAKUTAGIGAS painted by Alex Wald for Kaiju Comrades 2 last year...!! Expect it hopefully for the Summer Super Festival. Congratulations Alex...! Looks great. Mecha Junky Garamon...!

Here is the news from Atelier G-1 Blog

WF does this summer, G-1 will be the first out the Orijinarusofubi.
ASTROMONSTER Series Vol. 1 "Garakutagigasu" is.Chicago-based designer design "Alex Wald (Arekkusuuorudo)" I said.I met with him yet, but not directly, after taking Makunagata sponsored exhibition was held last year has come and what had been exhibited Bibitsu illustration, it asked for permission to Makunagata Why do not you try to talk to someone to let Alex solidifies me? Why is that. He will work with many who have deep knowledge of Japanese culture and special effects monster. The relationship between my American friends with customers and team building only the prototype of the nurses received. I also have things in Tsuburaya work, I felt a tribute dedicated to the design motif and have a monster come to follow us as soon as the monster fan. G-It is also a familiar monster. When I saw the fuss is an illustration of his own blood at the venue, thinking "let me come to me if you have not made been solid yet!" Would ask this. I had heard in Futatsu返事 then acknowledge.
However, there have to do and many things were fixed schedule yet, as soon after that started last year.

The original design of soft vinyl, "Monstock" and other friends in the building several times, I have a relationship with us for many years the maker of the original series, the studio did not own like I did for some reason. This year in order to expand its range of activities would like to try new challenges.

Model is already finished, and from the United States Alex is currently nearing completion with the supervision they get the final. 4,29 "Sufesu" prototype on display at the latest summer in time for the WF Masu Hashi of soft vinyl. Alex has been received from several new sketches are determined from the story, I finished work as a teacher rather challenging model.

It comes out OK, then I can introduce Sufesu HP and this blog. We are so excited about what happens to myself, please can everyone please watch over fans warmly real monster.

iluilu x Grumble Toy Excluisve Neo Gorilla Package

201104_28_72_f0230672_11575183 400x441

Here is the full package for the iluilu x Grumble Toy Exclusive Neo Gorilla. Of course I missed it. Wasn't even close. Self fulfilling prophecy from below.

Sources in Japan tell me that there will be more colorways and lower prices so not to worry too much. I'm ready!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Is the Neo Gorilla Hype Already Fading?

NeoGorillaGT01 400x528

This morning at 7am PST, many an intrepid collector woke up to try and score the elusive Ilu Ilu x Grumble Toy ExclusiveNeo Gorilla. Apparently it was sold out in seconds. Grumble Toy being the nice Canadians they are is holding a second release at Noon today.

Looking at this figure and the $105 price tag not including shipping from Canada, I feel my wanton desires for it fading. Don't get me wrong, I still want it and will try to get one at noon. But I suspect I will fail and not feel all that bad about it.

Like everyone else, I went banonkers when pictures started showing up of this new toy from a new designer. It's fresh and what could be more awesome than a Gorilla in a military uniform with tiny tanks?

I'm afraid the hype is already fading. Why? The price is high. At $105 + shipping, this little guy is expensive. Were not talking about a large toy here. It's tiny. Like 4" inches tall. Slightly fatter than a Space Trooper. It's not Grumble Toy's fault. The Dollar sucks against the Yen, etc., etc. Toys from Japan are expensive. Some have suggested parallels to the Space Trooper craze. I believe the first ones that came in were hard to come by and probably just as expensive, but then they were easy to get and came in a ton of colors. I still love my little army. But they were half the price. At $40-$50, I would get a dozen or so of these Neo Gorillas. But I'm not sure if this will happen so with the price so high, my desire for them is fading fast.

So what to do? Pace out the releases every few months. Get the price down to $40-$50 each. Maybe less expensive packaging will help? Different heads, different arms with weapons? More tiny tanks and vehicles. I dunno, just my two cents.

SKINNER's "Fine Art Sculptures"

Skinner talks about his upcoming sculptures! from Skinner on Vimeo.

Photos and Video by Hal Rotter.

SKINNER Sculptures

SKINNER Sculptures

SKINNER Sculptures

SKINNER Sculptures

Battleship Hi Top by Phil Noto

Battleship-Basketball-Shoe 400x416

Artist Phil Noto whose sexy Sci Fi art I blogged about Last Month customized this Hi Top sneaker for a custom sneaker show at the Bold Hype Gallery in NYC.

via: Neatorama

Custom Masterpiece Transformer Scorponok - Over $1,000???

Custom Masterpiece Scorponok

wow, Tformer fans are serious. This customizer Thyvipera has this 2 foot tall custom Masterpiece Transformer on ebay right now and it's lighting up the boards. 32 bids and up to $910.00 with five days still to go...! Damn... that's hardcore. But were talking the big daddy of Transformers here. 2 friggin feet tall...! LEt's take bets on how much the final bid will be. People are crazy and Tformer collectors are crazier than most so I'm going to bet over $1,500.

This Masterpiece Scorponok is my greatest and most favorite custom I have done to date. This will be the only one I list on ebay, so don't miss your chance to own him. This is a massive custom, nearly 2 feet tall. Scorponok has two modes, Robot mode and Scorpion Battlestation mode. His battlestation mode is heavily armed, with 4 double-barrel cannons, and 4 missile launchers. Cyclonus and Scourge can fit into the turret cockpits and both arm a cannon. Lord Zarak acts as the pilot and fits into the driver cockpit. Zarak merges with Helmet. Scorponok was built from countless Transformer figures and parts. He was painted with quality paints. Scourge and Cyclonus ARE INCLUDED with the auction. There will be an addittional accessory that will be added before the auction ends. PLEASE SERIOUS BIDDERS ONLY.

Articulation includes:
-Head has full range of movement.
-Shoulders rotate 360 degrees and outward
-Elbow articulation and 360 degree rotation
-Hips are double-jointed
-Knee articulation and 360 degree rotation
-Feet swivel

Custom Masterpiece Scorponok

Custom Masterpiece Scorponok

Custom Masterpiece Scorponok

Did I mention this mofo transforms into a giant Scorpion?
Custom Masterpiece Scorponok

Custom Masterpiece Scorponok

Custom Masterpiece Scorponok
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