Monday, April 25, 2011

Apocalypse Popsicle Box of Fate 2011..!!

Box of Fate 2011

One Off Hotrod Frankensnail by Paul Kaiju! (as seen from the rear)
Box of Fate 2011

7 glorious Boxes! $130 + $17 shipping US ($35 international)

Limit 1 Box per household. Twins that live together are allowed to buy only one box unless they can prove that they both have girlfriends/boyfriends and are planning on getting their own places. And stop dressing like each other, you're 35- it's creepy now.

Here's the lowdown:

All 7 Boxes will contain toys and Plastic Canvas pieces.

One box will be a wicked sweet fine art box with mostly custom paints and Plastic Canvas pieces.

All 7 Boxes will contain a custom "Mr. Scratch, Soul Broker" figure painted by the incredible Dustin Cantrell

All 7 Boxes will contain a custom "Fat Lady" figure painted by that cool commander of color, Bert Gatchalian

All 7 Boxes will contain a Kirkland Jue of Toybotstudios Blog Custom.

This year roughly fifty percent of the 7 boxes will feature "Old Toby" Figures.

The other half will feature "Judgement of the Snailfather Playsets" - a 6 figure set

The "Judgement" Playset features the Snailfather demon, the first Apocalypse Popsicle figure carved by the crazy-talented Dustin Cantrell

Magnets. I know how they work. I have applied the Plastic Canvas techniques to the smaller scale.

One Off Custom Painted Figures by Paul Kaiju, Leecifer, & Super Secret Guests Randomly Distributed (no guarantees you'll get a PK or Lee custom)

New Frankensnail Mori Katatsumuri Hotrod Version

Boxes are $130 plus shipping.

Holler at your ice cream man!

Featuring the new Judgment of the Snailfather Playset with the Snailfather figure being sculpted by the multi-talented Dustin Cantrell!
Box of Fate 2011

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