Monday, April 18, 2011

Just Say NO to Busts...!!

Say NO to Busts

Interesting turn of events on the SKINNER x Shikaruna x Lulubell Toys Collaboration about to be revealed any day. Apparently via emails and posts, there is wild confusion as to what this collaboration will really be? Toy or Bust?

Luke who is producing the toy says it's going to be a standard 9" figure sculpted by the masters at Shikaruna (Siccaluna). SKINNER who designed the toys says they agreed in writing to make a 3-piece Bust that may have the possibility of transforming ala Voltron style to a giant Kaiju figure.

What do I think? Well it doesn't make business sense for Luke to completely disregard SKINNER's wishes and make something he didn't agree to make. On the other hand, Busts 3-piece or otherwise completely SUCK. Who buys busts? Comic Book collectors do. Toy Collectors do not. So perhaps Luke knowing his audience decided to do what is best for SKINNER's toy and make it a standard 9" figure and ask for forgiveness later. By then, SKINNER's toy will be such a huge success that all this silly talk about a stupid bust will be forgotten.

SKINNER, I love you man but Busts are lame. Toys are cool.

What do you guys think about Busts?


krakit said...

Definitely prefer a full
figure over a bust.

DonaldHelloStudio said...

I like BUSTY Females.

Ha, funny note - word verfication is "SKINNES".

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