Friday, April 08, 2011

Lulubell Toys: Shooting Blanks with Yamomark...!!

BaraBaran 400x602

We would like to extend our heartfelt appreciation to all of you who supported our Japan Relief program last month with your posts and purchases! Many vendors came forward immediately with whatever stock they had on hand, or could make to donate, so we jumped at the chance to do what we could to generate relief funds.

The feedback and requests for more kaiju blanks was amazing! We were pretty excited about the program, and are now ready to roll it out in it's originally intended form. So, without further delay, we present: SHOOTING BLANKS!

Shooting Blanks from here forward is a program designed to get blank figures into the hands of the fans at nice prices, suitable for those may have always wanted to try their hand at customizing, or who just like the simplicity of seeing the sculpt in it's raw form.

Shooting Blanks will be a one week, open run pre-order, with no order maximums. They will always release on a Friday at Noon Pacific, and the order period will end the following Thursday at Noon Pacific. Primarily blanks will be offered in black and GID, but we will be tossing in other colors from time to time as well!

Our first Shooting Blanks release begins tomorrow, 4.8 at Noon pacific with good stuff from Yamomark!

Here's the line-up:

9" BaraBaran (flower monster) available in black & GID - $65 each
3" minis: Gusokumushi, Nasura & Zariking - available in black & GID - $24 each

All will be up on the home page tomorrow, or bookmark the Shooting Blanks tab:

Zarikingcoorection 400x533

Nasura 400x299

Gusokumushicorrection 400x533

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