Monday, April 18, 2011

Octane 120 Pro Beer Arcade

octane120_horizontal_email 400x271

What's cooler than having a sit down arcade racer for Grand Tourimo? how about one that has a kegger on the back...!

For $6k, you get a sit down cabinet with full adjustable steering wheel and seat, IN DASH Beer tap, Dual motor force feedback, Metal gas, clutch and break petals with variable resistance, 2 player control panel with built-in trackball.

Special features include full 1080 HD Projector, 200 racing and arcade video games, holds two 5 gallon or one 1/2 keg, high end gaming PC with PS3 connectivity.

Get yours by clicking HERE

Doesn't really promote sober driving. check out the video

oc120d 400x462

oct120a 400x336

oc120c 400x365

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