Monday, April 11, 2011

Sentai Heroes Co-Op Bank...!

Sentai Hero Banks

Here's a nice bit of nostalgia for you old school types. These are coin banks based on these Sentai Heroes. Based on the real co-op rides you find outside a grocery store in Japan, put in a coin and it will move back and forth as if you're riding it. Put an action figure on top and you're re-living your childhood...! Pre-Order yours for ¥2,190 from AmiAmi. Due out in April.

check out the real deal from Mark Nagata's collection. Shipping this thing from Japan was the real adventure...
Mark Nagata Ultraman HQ

For more pics from Mark's collection, Click HERE

Kamen Rider
Sentai Hero Banks

Sentai Hero Banks

Go Ranger #1
Sentai Hero Banks

Sentai Hero BanksSentai Hero Banks

Sentai Hero Banks

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