Friday, April 08, 2011

Max Toy Co. 5th Anniversary News...!!

109a 400x550

First up on Saturday, April 23rd, 2011, please join me for the opening of the Max Toy 5th Anniversary art show ! Taking place at Double Punch store and gallery from 7pm - 11pm ! Art, Food and Beverages ! The first part of this show was in Tokyo and now the pieces travel to Double Punch !

Besides wonderful art and prints for sale, based on Lady Maxx or Captain Maxx, be on the look out for Exclusive toys ( see the picture !) Exclusive Kaiju Dragigus painted by RealxHead ! with Fortune Cat baby set, also debut of Lady Maxx minis !!!, Special Anniversary mini set and More ! ;-)
109 400x355

Oh and be sure and check out Daneil Goffins Kaiju Eyezon print release via his web site
Friday April 8th !!!
5592049737_6a262ba835_b 400x299

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