Wednesday, April 13, 2011

SKINNER x Shikaruna x Lulubell Revealed????

SkinnerBodySkulls 400x551

Skullbrain boardmember dustbin12 uncovers what looks like the upcoming SKINNER x Shikaruna x Lulubell collaboration.

looking at teaser #2 again this morning, i'm still stuck with the feeling i know this shape... so pulled my SKULLY-OSIS mini print from zero friends off the wall & well, the head looks pretty dead on.... what do you think?

I'd say it looks pretty damn right on. down to the dude's tiny legs hanging out of his mouth
skinner_header_01a 400x206

I really, really, really hope he's got skull all over his bod just like the painting. imagine this (pic from chimply kaiju):

Shikaruna Koubou Dororu (super position excl)

but all over the body as in above?

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krakit said...

To give you an idea how cool
a body made of skulls would
be just check out Monsterforge's
skull beast (recently submitted
on the October Toys forum for
a mini figure set hopefully to
be made soon).

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