Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Marusan Pigmon!!!

IMG_4316 400x599

Marusan has been doing these beautiful clear vinyl paint applications with these irridescent foils inside. The combination is amazing. The first is this blue Pigmon which I knew I wanted the first time I saw a picture of it at an earlier toy show in Japan. Next up will be a clear orange Baltan. This is a big step for me as I haven't collected more traditional Kaiju before and this is actually my first Pigmon or Garamon.... I can't tell which. It's a double violation because he's a standard 9" figure which doesn't really fit into my collection. Who knows, maybe this is the early days of my traditional kaiju collection...lol...!!

IMG_4319 400x599

IMG_4324 400x599

IMG_4332 400x599

IMG_4335 400x599

IMG_4320 400x599

IMG_4322 400x599

M1 Go Ultraman Anniversary Set!!!

IMG_4348 400x599

I've had this M1 Go Ultraman Anniversary set in the bag forever. Was inspired by the Murusan Pigmon to bust it out. You gotta love the clear vinyl with tinsel inserts....!! Thank you to Dennis for the sweet hook-up!!! Baltan is becoming one of my favorite characters despite his lobster claws.

IMG_4338 400x599

IMG_4345 400x599

IMG_4342 400x599

IMG_4346 400x599

More Custom RealxHead by Matt Walker, Dead President Design!!!

IMG_4350 400x599

A couple of newer RealxHead pieces from Matt Walker of Dead Presidents Designs. Could be one of the finest custom Bigaros to be walking the land. He's got the "real fire" look on the back and pin striping on the front!! Keep your eyes open because you're about to see a lot more of Matt Walker!!

IMG_4355 400x599

IMG_4354 400x599

IMG_4353 400x599

IMG_4362 400x599

Real Fire Mutant Evil? Hard to photograph, but one of my favorite sculps with one hell of a paint application...!!!

IMG_4358 400x599

IMG_4361 400x599

Monday, August 25, 2008

Braxton County 2008 Discovered by Robot Loves Monster

As first reported by Akum6n from


The following still images were recovered from camera and field equipment found in the storage room of a West Virginia police station. Upon developing the film found in the equipment, only about 10% of the images were usable due to the condition of the equipment, although they provide both a date and time.

The equipment is otherwise in an unusable condition as a result of physical damage and its age. Markings on the case of the camera and monocular are consistent with chemical burns.

The identity and whereabouts of the operator are not currently known.

This is the first photograph in chronological sequence. A humanoid figure and ship (?) appear in the distance.

2786665200_0bdd879688 400x264

At this point the operator attempted to use a more powerful monocular scope with night vision capabilities. The image is grainy, although it provides a date and time.

2785809707_8bb442a496 400x604

A clearer image of the humanoid.

2785809761_7f1aef6e08 400x604

This is the last photograph in the roll.

2785809795_3e47f17f9c 400x264

So, totally realistic, huh? Amazing that field agents in the '50s had access to night vision equipment with digital rangefinders. I had fun making that image... guess I got a little carried away. War of the Worlds, not quite.

Few ETs/cryptids have captured the popular imagination like the Flatwoods Monster and his Horvathian compatriot, the Mothman. Even in toy form, there have been many, many versions of the Flatwoods released in recent years- I have only a handful of them, photographed below. The particular toy used for this shoot is a tiny 3.5" glow-in-the-dark version made by ILANENA, and is one of only 25 pieces sold at a recent toy show in Japan.

2755521415_be62037a93 400x604

Awesome Job Akum6n!! I love that ILANENA flatwoods!!

Super 7 Snakes of Infinity Cobra Commander Zombie!!

IMG_4303 400x599

IMG_4308 400x599

IMG_4310 400x599

zombie 400x599

Martin Ontiveros Collection Supreme!!

martin-I 400x299

Check out this collection of Ojo Rojo figures and painting by Martin Ontiveros. The collection is owned by alifeintoys from Germany!

custom Ojo Rojo by Bwana Spoons, toybot studios...

martin-III 400x299

martin-II 400x299

Secret Base Custom Swap UPDATE!!

10a 400x533

A few stragglers for the Secret Base Custom Swap. I'm digging this marbled Frankenghost.

10b 400x533

I like this Mantis / Barbarian set.

7a 400x279

Nice arms on this Bee

bonus1 400x400

Krusty the Clown Ghostfighter?

8a 400x400

and here we discover Real x Head and Secret Base do not mix...

9c 400x533

Wireless Remote Controlled Takara Tomy R2-D2!!

IMG_0636 400x533

One of the best non-vinyl toys from SDCC has to be this remote controlled R2-D2 from Takara Tomy. It's in the same scale as your favorite Kenner Star Wars figures but sports a wireless remote that makes all kinds of R2-D2 sounds. The remote control is a lightsaber of course and one button makes it go forward and the other button makes it turn around in a circle. I can't put it down!!

IMG_0635 400x533

It's just a bit bigger than this SDCC exclusive Hellboy Qee commemorating Hellboy II. Both toys are in yummy clear....

IMG_0640 (2) 400x533

Here's a short video of R2-D2 in action in the desktop of toys...

R2D2 from toybot studios on Vimeo.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Cronic @ SDCC 2008!!

IMG_4277 400x599

I was pretty impressed with the release Cronic had for SDCC 2008 @ the Toy Tokyo booth. I think it was one of the best releases at the show and some of my favorite Cronic pieces. The beautiful clear colors with the subtle metallic paint application is impossible to beat. I believe he had 6 painted figures and the same sculps also came unpainted. Close to $1,000 if you purchased the entire set. I went with the painted figures. Two of my favorites....

IMG_4279 400x599

IMG_4274 400x599

IMG_4286 400x599

IMG_4290 400x599

My 4 year old daughter designed, composed and took this picture! I might have to have her taking shots for this blog full time...lol..

IMG_4288 400x599

IMG_4291 400x599

IMG_4300 400x599

Paul Kaiju Custom Kikaida BLObPUS DX II

2783102298_baf51ddfa4_o 400x299

Paul Kaiju is the master and this proves it. Custom Kikaida BLObPUS DX...Thanks Paul!!

2783102366_ce0a145072_o 400x299

2782246449_22294b6bef_o 400x299
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