Monday, August 11, 2008

Koji Harmon River Children Show at Super 7!!!

IMG_0570 400x533

Koji Harmon aka Comet Debris has been chillin in the States since SDCC and on his way back home to Japan, he gave us the pleasure of a solo show at Super7. Kojo brought a ton of custom Gargamel toys including his Tokoji Seijin. The atmosphere was great and everyone came away with a special custom toy.

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IMG_0569 400x533

IMG_0573 400x299

Bryanarchy and Rosie were guests of honor too!

IMG_0571 400x533

IMG_0576 400x533

Koji and Ben with the new Zombie Imp designed by Koji

IMG_0579 400x533

Bryan and Pete Turtlegod

IMG_0580 400x533

Joe selling you on Koji's Zombie Imp...

IMG_0584 400x533

The toys!!!

IMG_4127 400x599

IMG_4128 400x599

IMG_4129 400x599

IMG_4130 400x452

IMG_4131 400x599

IMG_4132 400x599

IMG_4133 400x599

IMG_4134 400x599

IMG_4135 400x599

IMG_4136 400x599

IMG_4138 400x599

IMG_4139 400x599

IMG_4140 400x599

IMG_4141 400x599

IMG_4142 400x599

IMG_4143 400x599

IMG_4145 400x324

IMG_4146 400x599

IMG_4151 400x599

IMG_4152 400x599

IMG_4153 400x599

IMG_4154 400x599

IMG_4157 400x599

IMG_4159 400x266

You gotta love Alex...

IMG_4160 400x599

IMG_4161 400x599

New Voodoo Obake

IMG_4163 400x599

Don't fuck with the Imp

IMG_4181 400x599

IMG_4230 400x599

IMG_4234 400x599

IMG_4235 400x599

IMG_4233 400x599

IMG_4312 400x599

Hiro, Irineo, Scott

IMG_4184 400x599

IMG_4185 400x599

Did I mention it was Joe's Birthday?

IMG_4186 400x599

The lovely Bianca

IMG_4189 400x599

Scott might as well be a local

IMG_4190 400x599

Jason too...

IMG_4193 400x599

Scott and Daniel Akum6n

IMG_4191 400x599

Bert and Ben

IMG_4192 400x599

Eric T0fu bummed he didn't get this Freddy Kruger Globby

IMG_4194 400x599

IMG_4195 400x599

Joe busting out the Pinata!

IMG_4165 400x599

Koji Harmon River Children Show Super 7 from toybot studios on Vimeo.

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