Wednesday, August 06, 2008

New Revoltech Jin-Roh Figure!!!

TOY-RBT-0406_01 400x620

Every time I get a new Kaiyodo Revoltech figure in the mail, I may or may not open the box and try to pose it. Although I like the toys, I usually end up getting frustrated that I can't get it to pose just in the pictures. Then I say to myself, ok, i'm done with Revoltech. That is, until something cooler comes along that I must have. Case and point, this Jin-Roh figure based on the manga and anime. One of the cooler characters with the slightly retro, kinda Nazi, futuristic uniform and armor. Seeing these pictures will undoubtably lead me to get yet another Revoltech figure. But at only $20, it's reasonable.

TOY-RBT-0406_03 400x494

TOY-RBT-0406_04 400x452

TOY-RBT-0406_05 400x543

TOY-RBT-0406_06 400x299

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