Sunday, August 17, 2008

Toy Roadshow: Sausalito Ferry Co. !!

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I think I might have had a "staycation" last weekend. My wife's nephew was in town and we did the tourist thing. I suppose if one is to take a staycation, San Francisco is pretty hard to beat! So it was while on a visit to Sausalito that we ventured into on of my favorite toy stores: Sausalito Ferry Co. It's the one store that I always visit when in Sausalito. It's just chock full of the silliest little toys you could find anywhere. The variety and sheer volume of it all will make your head spin.

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IMG_0616 400x533

IMG_0614 400x533

IMG_0612 400x533

IMG_0611 400x533

IMG_0610 400x533

IMG_0609 400x533

IMG_0608 400x533

Anyone accuse Japanese toy collectors as being Obsessive?

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IMG_0606 400x533

IMG_0605 400x299

IMG_0604 400x533

IMG_0603 400x533

IMG_0602 400x299

IMG_0601 400x533

IMG_0600 400x533

IMG_0599 400x533

How about every wind-up animal on the planet?

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