Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Bandai Batman Dark Knight and Batpod

HOB-FIG-9521_05 400x322

First spied on ToysREvil, I saw this hyper detailed Batman Dark Knight and Batpod. Not really a Batman fan, but a sucker for cool toy motorcycles, I saw a prototype at SDCC and was impressed. For less than $100, you can get this crazy Batman figure and Batpod for your very own shelf. It's not 1/6 mind you, but more 6" action figure size. Very cool if you ask me.

HOB-FIG-9521_07 400x322

HOB-FIG-9521_08 400x322

HOB-FIG-9521_09 400x322

HOB-FIG-9521_04 400x495

HOB-FIG-9521_03 400x495

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