Sunday, August 03, 2008

Some of the People of SDCC 2008

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Sure, SDCC is all about the toys, comics and toys. But it's also one of the few times a year that all the geeks can get some real human interaction with all these people who they normally communicate just via message boards. I believe you never really know someone unless you have met them face to face and spent a little time talking. Message boards, email, even the phone are poor substitutes to real human interaction. Above, RotoKirby showing off his House of Liu Shaolin Monk.

East Coast Posse: Greg from Mishka, Jason, L'amour Supreme

IMG_0281 400x533

West Coast representing: Luke from Lulubell Toys, Jeremy from Mutant Massacre.

IMG_0282 400x299

L'amour, Jeremy, Shannon, Scott

IMG_0285 400x299

Scott HMS, Darth Hank and his wife

IMG_0286 400x533

Keith Locomoco, Carl Muton, Henry Jordan23, Minh SmilingIdiot

IMG_0305 400x299

Hot Wheels are the best

IMG_0312 400x533

Ugly Doll Babes

IMG_0313 400x533

Cosplay Geeks

IMG_0314 400x533

Joe's Boothbabes

IMG_0372 400x533

Vinylpulse Jack and Keith

IMG_0496 400x533

Jeremy with his resin Hater and Chino figures

IMG_4097 400x266

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