Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Marusan Pigmon!!!

IMG_4316 400x599

Marusan has been doing these beautiful clear vinyl paint applications with these irridescent foils inside. The combination is amazing. The first is this blue Pigmon which I knew I wanted the first time I saw a picture of it at an earlier toy show in Japan. Next up will be a clear orange Baltan. This is a big step for me as I haven't collected more traditional Kaiju before and this is actually my first Pigmon or Garamon.... I can't tell which. It's a double violation because he's a standard 9" figure which doesn't really fit into my collection. Who knows, maybe this is the early days of my traditional kaiju collection...lol...!!

IMG_4319 400x599

IMG_4324 400x599

IMG_4332 400x599

IMG_4335 400x599

IMG_4320 400x599

IMG_4322 400x599

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