Friday, August 15, 2008

Custom Kikaida Cyborg!!!

f_kikaida4m_a072a45 400x533

Clone666 made this wicked custom Kikaida Cyborg kitbash stylee... "A combination of parts from a Medicom Kikaida 01 and Cyborg99 body with custom chrome red and blue innards in the biceps and thighs that I salvaged from some microman figs. I LOVE the old clear cyborg vinyl versions of Kikaida w/paper inserts from the 70's, as well as the old Bandai Mechanical Boy. I was thinking to myself how I wanted to see a modern update, and came up with this guy."

f_kikaida2m_4eceecc 400x533

f_kikaida1m_0001f81 400x533

f_kikada3m_d46b575 400x533

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