Thursday, August 21, 2008

Vadanto Iron Barrels Model?

TOY-RBT-0434_09 400x308

When I first spied this mech the other night, I thought it was a new toy for a new version of Zone of Enders. One of the best video games ever. One of the villians Anubis had a similar look. Well, apparently it's some kind of character called Vadanto from an anime called Iron Barrels? That's as much as the translation engine could provide. Please chime in if you know more. Also, is this a model or figure?

TOY-RBT-0434_13 400x599

TOY-RBT-0434_15 400x550

TOY-RBT-0434_03 400x582

TOY-RBT-0434_12 400x400

TOY-RBT-0434_08 400x559

UPDATE: My buddy Akum6n from Robot Loves Monster sent me some more info on this toy and anime:

Here's what I found: The Vardant is from a TV series called "Linebarrels of Iron" (Kurogane no Linebarrel). Never heard of it? That's because it hasn't been released yet... anywhere.

Why does the Vardant look familiar? Well, the mechanical designer is the same guy who worked on ZOE- Tsutomu Suzuki. He also did some work for The Big O.

Not clear what the show is itself about. Seems like it's another one of the cliched socially-awkward-teenager-meets-hot-and-outgoing-girl-and-btw-he-has-a-giant-robot genre, but I'll wait and see until October.

hmmmm, if the anime is anything like this trailer, it's too much teenage angst and not enough mecha action......

THANKS Akum6n!!!

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Anonymous said...

It's a plastic model by Koto. Poo.

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