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Pushead's Skeletal Carnival 3 @ SDCC 2008 Feat. Usugrow and Mike Sutfin!!!

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The most anticipated and I would argue one of the best events at SDCC this year was Pushead's Skeletal Carnival 3 featuring Japanese artist Usugrow and local artist Mike Sutfin at the Super 7 booth. It began with the hardcore Pushead fans in a dark corner waiting for our passes to see what place in line we would get. In an interesting twist, 1st, 2nd and 3rd place were drawn by lottery so one had 2 chances to get a good spot up front.

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IMG_0377 400x299

Ryan (Melek Taus), Jeff (Rhinomilk) and Andy (Scary Andy) saying hello!

IMG_0378 400x324

Henry (Jordan23), Scott (HMS) and Minh (SmilingIdiot)

IMG_0380 400x533

OG Hardcore

IMG_0382 400x299

I apologize in advance for the crappy toy pics. It was crowded, I was sweating, nervous, anxious and impatient.

IMG_0384 400x299

The mob is lining up

IMG_0385 400x299

The only two HP KvPs at the show. These went early

IMG_0389 400x299

HP Pirates and Captains

IMG_0391 400x299

HP Damnedrons

IMG_0394 400x299

The production figures! A captain, pirate and Rebel Ink!!

IMG_0398 400x533

IMG_0395 400x533

Mike Sutfin custom Bop Dragons!!

IMG_0396 400x299

IMG_0397 400x299

The Skeletal Krew: Mike, David, Jon and Chris

IMG_0399 400x299

Carls pulls the #1 spot. Contemplating the Damnedron. Ends up being a good decision to re-consider.

IMG_0401 400x533

Sutfin illustration. Sooo rad.

IMG_0411 400x533

IMG_0402 400x299

Mike and his wife.

IMG_0455 400x533

Mike and the best Bop Dragon ever....

IMG_0456 400x533

HP Rebel Ink. Going Production? We hope so!!

IMG_0404 400x533


IMG_0405 400x533

IMG_0406 400x533

IMG_0407 400x533


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IMG_0417 400x533

Usugrow adding tattoos

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IMG_0419 400x533

IMG_0420 400x533

Although Carl was really ill, he looks very healthy in this picture showing off his Pushead "Grail Bag". For a $1,000 blind bag, he got at least $4,000 worth of un-painted toys. Truly the stuff of legends.

IMG_0424 400x533

IMG_0422 400x299

Those of us that spent over a certain amount were given this HP Sandas which are awesome in their own regard, but they were really tickets for another surprise event later that evening. So we all came back and gathered at 6:39 pm with our HP Sandas...

IMG_0447 400x533

IMG_0448 400x533

IMG_0449 400x533

IMG_0450 400x533

IMG_0452 400x533

IMG_0454 400x533

So what was the surprise event? In an amazing display of generosity unheard of in the toy industry, Pushead gave everyone that had an HP Sanda a GID Skull Captain with three stumps to signify Skeletal Carnival 3....!!! OMG!!! What a great gift to his fan. It came with a pre-release of the new Mountain Dew drinks featuring labels by both Pushead and Mike Sutfin. Undoubtably an event we will not forget!! THANK YOU Pushead, JT, Usugrow, Mike, David, Chris!!!

Pic from Joe:

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Anonymous said...

Hey, that Mike Sutfin bottle of soda looks familiar! :D

Anonymous said...

Man, that was an awesome show! I am so jealous I couldn't go this year
Thanks for all the great photos!

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