Thursday, July 31, 2008

Super 7 @ SDCC 2008!!!

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Hometown favorite, Super7 did not disappoint at SDCC this year. With a slew of new releases and a ton of amazing events, the place to be this year was definitely at the S7 booth. It served as sort of a hangout and meeting spot for Skullbrainers visiting the show.

The man himself Brian Flynn

IMG_4098 400x599

Joe Bunny with the Mummy Boy

IMG_4100 400x599

You can really never have too much Joe

IMG_4101 400x599

Hey, how did Aaron and Shannon get behind the counter???

IMG_4102 400x599

Chad, Karen, Glenn and Jason....

IMG_0299 400x533

The man, the myth...Josh!!

IMG_0242 400x533

I'm most excited for his upcoming Rose Vampire figure on the far right!!

IMG_4088 400x266

Jumbo Storm Trooper Proto...can you hear the fanboys screaming?

IMG_0245 400x533

IMG_4081 400x599

IMG_4083 400x599

Bruised Bigaro. Part of the very best RxH set ever...

IMG_0244 400x533

Mini S7 RxH set. Mini Me to the 2nd best RxH set ever...

IMG_0243 400x533

IMG_0241 400x299

Clear Red Cobra Commander Zombie?? Yes!!

IMG_4093 400x599

S7 Exclusive Salary Ika with real shredded moolah inside. Frank is proud.

IMG_4095 400x599

IMG_4096 400x599

How about this Gorilla Biscuits Proto?

IMG_4086 400x599

Or this Le Merde Mini? OMG!!!

IMG_4087 400x599

Also un-veiled were these test pulls of the new Zombie characters. Each designed by various artists including S7 staff such as Joe, Hiro and Josh. I'm really digging the way this zombie line is turning out. Looking forward to seeing all the clears and painted versions. Not sure about those red gloves though...

IMG_0287 400x299

IMG_0288 400x533

IMG_0289 400x533

Joe looking tough cause Scott is rubbing off on him. Meanwhile Joe is rubbing off on Scott. It's Freaky Friday!!

IMG_4094 400x599

Brian flashing signs at Joe. "I've told him Seven times NO Discounts!"

IMG_0415 400x533

Brian Flynn custom Mummy Boys and Visighosts!! Pics by Darth Hank

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2704181827_852832b352_b 400x299

B.Flynn looking pretty spry compared to this tired blogger....

IMG_0413 400x427

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krakit said...

Fantastic photos! I really appreciate
your coverage of the Super7 booth at
SDCC 2008.

Which ones are the Super7 crew?
I know Brian Flynn, Josh, and Joe
are; so who is the rest of the gang?

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