Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Super 7 Saturday July 19th!!

IMG_0150 400x533

Here are some pics from last Saturday at Super7. Good BASK turn out. Ed, sorry I missed you! Thank you to Hiro aka Lil Japan and Jeremy of Mutant Massacre for the uber cool Squirm Skull BASK shirts so we can represent at SDCC!!

The latest RealxHead mini was released: Mini Bigaos!! Only RxH can make a collector purchase the large and small size of the same colorway!

IMG_0149 400x533

BASK meeting called to order!

IMG_0188 400x299

We are the first to get our grubby hands on the new S7 Bruised RxH set!!!

IMG_0161 400x533

BASK and RxH go hand in hand...

IMG_0164 400x533

IMG_0163 400x533

Alex showing us the Eye of Mutant Head

IMG_0167 400x533

IMG_0168 400x533

IMG_0166 400x533

IMG_0165 400x533

Unpainted S7 Orange Himalan? mmmmmm...yummy.

IMG_0170 400x533

IMG_0155 400x299

Bert's custom Vader.

IMG_0171 400x533

IMG_0173 400x533

Joe's custom Keiji K Head

IMG_0178 400x533

IMG_0179 400x533

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