Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Paul Kaiju @ SDCC 2008!!!

IMG_0283 400x533

Here are two of the best artists walking the land: Paul Kaiju and L'amour Supreme. I really wished that Paul had a bunch of custom toys for SDCC, but we will have to make due with this custom Pushead Pirate he painted for Baronacasino. It must have brought him luck cause he won a lotto ticket for Pushead's Skeletal Carnival 3 Event. His winning ticket got him from 37th in line to 3rd in line. Nice.

IMG_0344 400x533

IMG_0346 400x533

IMG_0347 400x533

IMG_0345 400x533

Toy Karma for Baronacasino was strong at Con.....

IMG_0343 400x533

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