Monday, July 21, 2008

Toy Tokyo @ SDCC 2008!!!

2684270352_b487969975_o 400x298

With SDCC 2008 just a few days away, here are some of the goods being slung by our brothers from the East Coast: Toy Tokyo. Above: BLObPUS DX. In this picture, you can tell it's a slightly different colorway from the last GID DX. Pic from the BLObPUS site.

sdcc2008ttwv1 400x533

signingscheduletz9 400x400

T9G coming with a Rangeas and pink Bearhunter.

t9g23 400x533

t9g12 400x533

Skull Toys Dokurocks. Looks kinda like the Satan King version released a while ago.

SDCC08-skulltoys-A 400x400

Some pictures from L'amour Supreme on Datadub's RHND T-Shirt and Mini Figure set. Unfortunately, the T-Shirts did not make it in time, but the mini set looks great.

rhnd007 400x299

Ladies of TT...

2683871176_71524d1348_o 400x534

Scott with Joel showing off the new Shirt design...

rhnd 400x299

How about Joel's Hone Borg Masks to go with his Hone Borg release at SDCC?? Hell Yeah!!

2678717924_dfe1415741_o 400x533

2666779402_e06b68756e 400x425

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