Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Taipei Toy Festival Exclusives at Tokyocube!!!

tudo1216146473779 400x400

After missing all the Custom Touma TuDos at the Fewmany show, I found consolation today when cruising around Tokyocube! They just put up the production TuDo from Taipei Toy Festival!!! Yay!! I'm digging the colorway big time. If this was one of the customs, I probably would have picked it!! Limited to only 60, so you better jump on it!!

I also noticed this interesting Steel Fairies figure by Kaijin. Another TTF exclusive, i'm digging the jet pack arms, but hmmmm, the colorway is not quite right. I would buy it and paint it, but with SDCC next week, gonna be tough to justify.

steel1216146497411 400x400

THANKS Tokyocube!!!

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