Thursday, July 10, 2008

Touma Evil Skaters Mini Figures!!

T08SR001-5 400x415

I'm a fan of Touma, so the prospect of him doing a mini figure set is interesting. But i'm not sure what to think of these upcoming "Evil Skaters" produced by Kid Robot. Some of the designs are cool, some not. Maybe it's because I want clear vinyl toys. Maybe cause they are being pushed on the Western collectors. Maybe it's cause he's trying to marry urban vinyl street attitude with his characters that seems out of place... Dunno, just not sure how I feel about them. I'll prolly pick up a few when the opportunity arises. Give me Skuttles, Mao Cats, Mini Destodons and the new Tudo. Give me pure Touma and I'll be happy. Pics lifted from KR.

5257-default-l 400x415

T08SR001-6 400x415

T08SR001-4 400x415

T08SR001-1 400x415

T08SR001-21 400x415

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