Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Onell Design x Collection DX @ SDCC 2008!!!

IMG_0249 400x299

Nothing is better than the old skool coolness of Onell Design toys. They are these little figures kinda like your old Microman, but truth be told, engineered for honest to goodness playing in mind. The secret lies in the ball and joint system. It's completely resin/plastic construction. As a result, when you start taking apart all these dudes and putting them back together with your wicked insane imagination, you can build yourself these crazy vehicles for your figures. By some freak of design concocted by Matt Doughty, when you use all the limbs of the figures to create vehicles, you are created these very solid, fully articulated toys that resemble those giant Walkers in Matrix Revolutions. When you move the legs and arms, the suspension system actually works like a piston. It's nuts. I was supposed to go back and take video, but I suck.

IMG_0252 400x533

Matt Doughty of Onell Design showing you the piston action!

IMG_0251 400x533

IMG_0250 400x299

Also hanging out at Onell Design is the legendary Josh Bernard from the even more legendary toy site CollectionDX. Josh teamed up with Matt for an exclusive CollectionDX Pheyden action figure based on this rad illustration Josh did.

IMG_0298 400x533

IMG_0248 400x533

The man himself Josh Bernard

IMG_0297 400x533

1 comment:

krakit said...

Onell's Glyos figures ROCK!

I have around 35 so far and
there's more on the way right
now in the mail.

If you're able to get a video
of those Walker creations (whether
you take the video or maybe we
could get Onell to make one),
please post it in your blog.

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