Monday, July 28, 2008

Grasshut Corp. at SDCC 2008!!!

IMG_0275 400x533

grasshutcorp aka the Portland Posse really stepped it up this year with solid releases from Bwana Spoons, Martin Ontiveros, Le Merde, Scrappers and Kiyoshi Nakazawa. Always a super nice group of guys to hang out with, I'm digging in a hippy way that these guys are releasing toys in close collaboration with Gargamel as well as Le Merde and now Bwana's resin figures. Martin, Bwana and Kiyoshi are keeping it real with 2D artwork as well as the 'zines like Kiyoshi's Drunken Master...!

IMG_0295 400x299

Martin with the latest Ojo Rojo Jungle Fever release. He made those leopard print skirts himself!!

IMG_0273 400x533

Le Merde with his latest Burgerbuns release. He had a new sculp release everyday. They were all awesome. I suck for not taking pictures of all of them.

IMG_0277 400x533

Mike looking tired or possibly stoned with the new Turdical...

IMG_0296 400x533

Scrappers throwing it down with his own custom crawling Hedoran Bro. This one is called "LSD" as in "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds" lol.... It's perfect cause when i'm trippin, everything is melting just like a Hedoran....

IMG_0278 400x533

IMG_0271 400x533

One of Martin's paintings.

IMG_0293 400x533

Chanman with Kiyoshi showing you all what's what.

IMG_0272 400x533

Check out this pre-release Killer made from Fiberglass! It's four feet long...!! Would make for a great bath toy!!

IMG_0429 400x299

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