Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Toy Tokyo x Cronic x Cure x Mad Barbarian @ SDCC 2008

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I gotta say I was pretty impressed with Toy Tokyo this year. They had some of the best toy releases at SDCC this year and my wallet can prove it. Lev above is kicking it with Mad Barbarian who had their "Miami Vice" release at the show.

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Carl showing off his toy celebrity...

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Cronic had an impressive run of figures both painted and unpainted at Toy Tokyo. I believe that if you purchased the entire set, it would cost you close to $1000.

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IMG_0214 400x533

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IMG_4111 400x599

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I think the big story for us (aside from Toki Doki Geisha) was the arrival of Yumi from Secret Base and Satoshi from Cure Toys. The Pink Oni Boogieman was RED HOT and on every collector's want list it seemed. We were even approached by someone that offered $300 cash for our spot in the line. After purchasing the figure itself, they would have paid $425 for this toy!! Madness!! All I know is that this toy kicked ass and Yumi and Satoshi were rad to meet!

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What about Secret Base?

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As an extra special super surprise, Yumi brought several DBM Skullbrains in clear blue with her!!!

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IMG_0480 400x533

IMG_0478 400x533

And one of the dudes that helped Lev put this all together is our own Lorne (on the right). Thanks Lorne!! Great job!!

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