Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Matt Walker of Dead Presidents Design @ SDCC 2008!!

IMG_0351 400x533

Matt Walker Dead Presidents came to SDCC with a bag full of his signature customs and I think impressed a whole lot of people including Kiyoka and Koji of Gargamel. Many of the custom toys he brought were either Gargamel or originally sculpted by Kiyoka. Here is what was left over after me and Scott purchased a few figures. He even gave a pinstriping demonstration on a Munny which made it look like pinstriping is incredibly easy. Luckily I know better.

IMG_0349 400x533

IMG_0352 400x533

IMG_0356 400x533

IMG_0354 400x533

IMG_0357 400x533

Here Matt is with Kiyoka of Gargamel...

IMG_0303 400x533

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