Thursday, July 10, 2008

Pushead x Secret Base x Astro Zombies = The Best Fight Figure Ever?

IMG_3720 400x599

I dunno. You tell me. The Skullwing designed by Pushead in collaboration with Secret Base and Astro Zombies is the first character, before I knew anything about Japanese vinyl, that I picked out of a shelf full of figures and said: "ok, now that guy is cool..." The Skullwing is one of only a couple of sculps that I will purchase regardless of colorway.

This latest Rainy Day version does not disappoint. Sold only when it rains, these figures are normally completely clear blue. No paint. I'm surprised and glad that Pushead decided to add a bit of paint to give it a bit of depth. A must for any collector.

IMG_3733 400x599

IMG_3739 400x599

IMG_3722 400x599

IMG_3725 400x599

IMG_3742 400x599

IMG_3717 400x599

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Anonymous said...

Best fight figure ever? Yep!

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