Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Munky King @ SDCC 2008!!

66_1 400x299

Munky King has gone monotone for SDCC with a pretty limited release of some of their new figures in unpainted black or grey.

Monkey King Metal Edition SDCC Exclusive by Nathan Jurevicius

PROD005m_1 400x542

Koibito Black SDCC Exclusive by Yoskay Yamamoto

2564_1 400x526

Eyegore Ace of Spades SDCC Exclusive by The Pizz

1887_1 400x464

H the Hydrogen Monster by LASK

Hydro1_1 400x617

Hydro1_3 400x266

For a complete list of SDCC Toy Exclusives and Signing Schedule, just CLICK HERE

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