Friday, July 11, 2008

LASK Announces Their First Exclusive Toy!!!

LASK_OWL_SB 400x494

At first, just a few Skullbrainers from SoCal that started hanging out at Astro Burger before their weekend toy shopping. Then logos, stickers and buttons were made. Official LASK T-Shirts were then spotted on celebrities and famous DJs. Now LASK has gone full bore with their first exclusive toys!!!

LASK chose a two pack Hydrogen Monster from Empire Toys. Undoubtably influenced by DrunkenMaster Rick who is one of the only guys on the planet that collects these guys....Regardless, congratulations on the toy release and here is to many more!!

Oh and if you wanna order the toys or the cool T-shirt, check out

lask_tee_03 400x199

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