Monday, July 21, 2008

Usugrow SDCC Rebel Ink Revealed!!!

skeletal3 400x304

Usugrow's latest Rebel Ink figure exclusive to SDCC has been revealed!! Shown on SKELETAL, you can see it's a beautiful clear blue body. "SDCC" are shown in Usugrow font on his stomach and there will be a new Tampo Print on the back as well. This figure will be released in extremely limited numbers at Pushead's Skeletal Carnival 3 event on Thursday at 3:39pm.

usugrowsc3 400x864

Check out the latest Pushead Skull Captain!!! Pic from Super 7.


Another peek at one more Mike Sutfin custom Bop Dragon!

IMG_0148 400x533

IMG_0146 400x533

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Anonymous said...

I think these toys are FANTASTIC! They are so original and creative, they make me think of futuristic animals with light coming through them. I could see someone collecting a lot of these! Keep on keeping on Mike.

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