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Super 7 Final SDCC Line Up!!

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Coimc Con has finally arrived, and that means the Super7 crew is busily setting up toys and folding shirts, preparing our booth for preview night. Here is a handy guide to all things Super7 at SDCC 2008. Come by booth #4729 and say howdy!

Visit the Super7 SDCC Web-Guide for additional info and images:

Super7 SDCC Exclusive Toys

Squirm - Ikageruge Tribute
The Snakes of Infinity's Sinister Squid makes his SDCC debut with the Ikageruge Tribute! Cast in white vinyl with silver, light blue, and black spray, this version of Squirm pays respect to the Bandai Ikageruge, one of the strangest Kaiju toys to come out of 1970's Japan!

Stomp - Taigan Tribute
Making a triumphant return to the place where he was born one year ago, Stomp is also sending a shout-out to a distant relative. Fashioning his colorway after the great Mirrorman villain, Taigan, another great toy from the height of Japanese Tokustaku television, Stomp is dressed to impress!

Zombie - C.O.B.R.A. Tribute
Super7's Snakes of Inifinity line of fight figures continues with the Zombie! Created by the evil mastermind behind the Snakes of Infinity, Dr. Killgore, the Zombie is a henchman with a hidden face. What horror hides beneath his hood and gloves? Take them off to find out what form the doom of humanity will take!

Mummy Boy
Mummy Boy, Super7's adoreable mascot, is so cute its scary! He may be missing an arm, and the heat doesn't do great things for his bandages, but he sure is happy to be here. Visit the Super7 booth to make a new friend!

The Sprit Guide of Ghostland has returned and is now better suited to lead wayward spirits to world beyond. Cast in glow-in-the-dark vinyl and painted with blue, green, gold and pink sprays, Dokuwashi is a gleaming beacon, lighting the way to Ghostland. Don't be left in the dark!

Super7 x Itokin Park Himalan
Japanese toy deisgner Itokin Park is on a roll with his cute and unusual characters. The Super7 Himalan is far from an exception, and is sure to please fans of the sleepy eyed, lumpy-headed snowman. Visit the Super7 booth on Friday and meet Itokin Park himself! The Super7 x Itokin Park Himalan is cast in clear orange vinyl and painted with light blue, red, yellow and black spray.

Super7 x RxH Mini set of Four
While the popularity of Japanese boutique toy-maker RealxHead continues to grow, the size of the figures has begun to shrink! Super7 is happy to release a smaller, cuter version of the long gone Super7 x RxH set of the original four RxH characters, Mutant Head, Mutant Evil, Mutant Bigaro, and Mutant Chaos. Be sure to get in line early, as the reduced size of this set makes them even harder to catch.

Super7 x Kozik Salary Ika
Super7 is pleased to release our first collaboration with vinyl toy superstar, Frank Kozik. Kozik's Ika Gilas is now all grown up, and ready to join the workforce as Salary Ika. Donning his best crystal clear vinyl business suit, the Salary Ika is painted with translucent orange, red and black sprays, and is stuffed with shredded currency, to help him start putting away a little something for the future.

Super7 x Buster Call Beetlar
Up and Coming Toy Designer Buster Call of Tokyo knows how to bring the heat. His first vinyl figure, the 3" Beetlar has proved an underground hit, and now Buster Call is bringing his A-Game to the big leagues. Marking his second collaboration with Super7 is the SDCC Lucky-Draw Hawaii Beetlar, cast in gorgeuos clear pink vinyl. Will you get a painted or unpainted version? You'll have to draw a ticket to find out! Will you be blown away by both versions? Signs point to yes.

Super7 Jumbo-Style Stormtrooper!!!
We are very very excited to announce the Super7 Jumbo-Style Stormtrooper! The prototype sculpt of the Super7 Jumbo-Style Stormtrooper will be on display at the Super7 booth, and will be on-sale later this year. Come check it out for yourself and see what everyone is talking about!

Super7 Events

Skeletal Carnival 3 - Pushead and Friends
We at Super7 are very excited to once again welcome Pushead for a special SDCC Event! As in years past, Pushead will bring his trademark mix of releases shrouded in mystery, as well as jaw dropping one-of-a-kind hand-painted vinyl figures. This year however, Pushead will also be bringing a few friends along for the ride, including Mike Sutfin and Usugrow!!!!! Expect Insanity! Expect to be blown away! Expect the unexpected!!
Thursday, 3.39pm

Itokin Park Signing
Japanese Toy Designer Itokin Park will be joining us at the Super7 Booth for the release of the Super7 x Itokin Park Himalan. Come by and meet one of the hottest toy designers of Japan today!

Friday, 4.00pm
Brian Flynn Signing

The brains and the beard behind Super7 will have his first official SDCC Signing on Saturday! Brian Flynn will take the center stage at the Super7 booth to showcase his creations, offer one of a kind custom figures, and drop the toy knowledge. Expect to be dazzled.
Saturday, 1.00pm

Gary Baseman Signing
In a late-addition to the Super7 Schedule, Gary Baseman will join us on Saturday to release the Pink Hot Cha Cha! Visit the Super7 booth to add this devilishly cute vinyl fiend to your pink shelf!
Saturday, 4.00pm

We look forwarding to seeing you all in San Diego!

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