Thursday, July 10, 2008

Touma x Monstock Mini Destodon!!

IMG_3750 400x599

Now this is the Touma I likie. A collaboration between Touman and Monstock is this Destodon character. It comes in large and mini. This was a hard little bugger to get. Some crazy prices on YJA... I got him for a "reasonable" price compared to what some of the other ones were going for, but still it was way too much for this little figure. It might be a limited "custom" version painted by Monstock, but not sure. I like the size and the sculp. Wish there were more and please make them in clear colors too!!!

IMG_3752 400x599

IMG_3748 400x599

IMG_3743 400x599

IMG_3749 400x599

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