Monday, July 28, 2008

Gargamel @ SDCC 2008!!!

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Gargamel was one of the very first booths to be visited at SDCC 2008. They always have a solid line-up sure to deplete anyone's wallet early. This year did not disappoint. One of the highlights for sure was to meet Chanman and Naoya in person. I am a huge fan of Chanman's artwork and a big fan of Naoya's customs. Above, Koji and Kiyoka and kicking it with Scott Stealthtank.

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Must have full size Zag. Crowd pleaser. This one Bomb Pop colorway on GID.

IMG_0227 400x533

The new Eaton with Unchi Kin head inside. It's actually two figures in one. If memory serves me correctly, Eaton is the fish head that is eating the thief.

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IMG_0233 400x533

Tokoji Seijin by Koji Harmon

IMG_0226 400x533

Full size Globby by Bwana Spoons

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New Mini Zag tank. Notice the tank is much smaller than the other Charatics versions. Much better!!

IMG_0224 400x533

Very pleasant surprise to see a new Ojo Rojo Jungle Fever colorway! Leopard print skirt handmade by Martin Ontiveros!!

IMG_0223 400x533

One of the best looking fancy haircut hedoran bros

IMG_0222 400x533

Upcoming Tokoji Seijin sneak peek for Koji's show in Aug. at Super 7

IMG_0221 400x533

Clear Deathra with guts. You can't get much better than this.

IMG_0219 400x533

A print of this Chanman art came with the Deathra making it one of the best deals at the Con.

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IMG_0230 400x533

Sadly, this Katope Original Artwork was stolen right off the Gargamel table. If you have any knowledge of it's whereabouts, please contact us. If you are the thief reading this blog, go to HELL!!

IMG_0229 400x533

Kiyoka with Matt Walker of Dead Presidents Design holding a few Gargamel customs...

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