Tuesday, July 22, 2008

toybot studios Limited Production SKULLREX Jimi!!

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In collaboration with Skull Toys and EXOHEAD, we are pleased to announce toybot studios Limited Production Skullrex "Jimi". Sold as a set, Jimi will come custom painted by toybot studios and un-painted "ghost of Jimi". Set to be released towards the end of August, Pre-Orders are almost sold out. If interested in pricing and more information, please send email to: toybotstudios@yahoo.com

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Shown here with Paul Kaiju's recent Grodnoid release. PK Grodnoid not included!!

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Why is he called Jimi? All EXOHEAD figures are named after a lead singer. The first two SKULLREX figures were named after Marc Bolan from the 70's Glam Rock band T-Rex. On the final T-REX album, A Beard of Stars, the final song Elemental Child featured a long electric guitar break influenced by Jimi Hendrix...

Elemental Child by T-Rex shown here for your viewing pleasure:

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Anonymous said...

hell yes!!!

way to go K, you nailed em!

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