Monday, July 28, 2008

Munky King @ SDCC 2008!!

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One of the highlights of the Munky King Booth was this signing by Yoskay Yamamoto of his new Koibito figure. Only 150 of the black "proto" figures were released and only five were customized by Yoskay. I picked up on of these guys and they were kinda light. Like they weren't solid. They felt kinda like plastic, but might have been rotocast. Definitely not vinyl. Pretty cool figures, but I'm waiting for the painted ones to come out.

IMG_0363 400x533

IMG_0359 400x533

IMG_0364 400x533

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I got a gander at these wonderful Nathan Jurevicius figures in person and was reminded that these guys are HUGE!! Not sure that bodes well for your shelf space.

IMG_0362 400x533

IMG_0361 400x533

IMG_0360 400x533

Eyegore by the Pizz!!

IMG_0366 400x533

SDCC exclusive Sad Mecha Bear by Luke Chueh. Not even clear vinyl can save this figure.

IMG_0367 400x533

This on the other hand is another story. Preview of Luke's upcoming "Black in White" figure of a black rabbit holding a knife with evil intent inside a white rabbit bunny suit. Definitely want one of these.

IMG_0368 400x533

IMG_0439 400x299

LASK Hydrogen Monsters!!

IMG_0440 400x299

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