Monday, July 14, 2008

Super 7 SDCC 2008 Exclusives !!!!

2656504307_233ffefd48_o 400x533

Super7 does not disappoint for this years SDCC with no less than eight exclusive toys and three amazing events with even more toys!! Hands down, my favorite S7 exclusive has to be this Cobra Commander Zombie which is the latest figure in the "Snakes of Infinity" fight figure series by Super 7. Designed by Brian Flynn and sculpted by Kiyoka of Gargamel. I think this is the best Super 7 figure yet (and not just because it's blue)

2656560971_966527bfa8_o 400x533

How about a mini RealxHead set to match the original that you don't own or paid too much to acquire?

rxh_set 400x264

Exclusive Buster Call Beetlar only available on Saturday. Comes in a blind bag with painted and unpainted versions.

beetlar 400x391

Exclusive S7 x Itokin Park Himalan. Available on Friday only with a special event with Itokin Park's Kazuhiko Ito!!!

himalan2 400x442

Super 7's own exclusive Mummy Boy, Stomp and Squirm available all days...

mummy_boy2 400x444

squirm 400x457

stomp3 400x483

Check out the goods and event details at Super 7's SDCC 2008 Mini Site

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