Monday, July 21, 2008

Rocket World I.W.G. Astro Krieg Space Minis @ SDCC!!!

2673534581_61fe7a1f75_o 400x265

Spied on Andy's blog ToysREvil, these I.W.G. Astro Krieg mini figures from Rocket World are just what the Space Marines ordered!! Debuting at San Diego Comic Con in four cool colorways, including radioactive GID, you can get your desktop space battles on with all four factions and their flyer saucers. Around $14 each, the Rocket World booth is getting a visit fo sho!!

2673534437_141db52b37 400x229

2674353348_73f2408c9f 400x234

2674353232_d02ffbf5cf 400x258

2673533995_ab28b76567 400x240

2673534269_f71e1ecd3e 400x404

2673534135_94a173ac7e 400x228

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