Monday, July 07, 2008

Fig-Lab x RealxHead x Toy Tokyo = RHND Mini Set!!!

2642805812_64036c4a62 400x400

Ever since I first laid eyes on this RealxHead logo designed by Datadub of the International Figure Research Center, we have hoped to see this on a T-Shirt or giant print. Not only does our wish come true with a sick T-Shirt, but it also comes with a set of RxH Minis to match!!!! Dropping on July 19th at Toy Tokyo

2637591557_028f72cf0e 400x400

2642639962_be9d09c5c0 400x259

2642640136_c07851855e 400x289

2641813917_cbd41d6d67 400x301

2641813583_9ca043922c 400x304

2642640496_e87918c0c9 400x299

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