Thursday, August 21, 2008

Cronic @ SDCC 2008!!

IMG_4277 400x599

I was pretty impressed with the release Cronic had for SDCC 2008 @ the Toy Tokyo booth. I think it was one of the best releases at the show and some of my favorite Cronic pieces. The beautiful clear colors with the subtle metallic paint application is impossible to beat. I believe he had 6 painted figures and the same sculps also came unpainted. Close to $1,000 if you purchased the entire set. I went with the painted figures. Two of my favorites....

IMG_4279 400x599

IMG_4274 400x599

IMG_4286 400x599

IMG_4290 400x599

My 4 year old daughter designed, composed and took this picture! I might have to have her taking shots for this blog full

IMG_4288 400x599

IMG_4291 400x599

IMG_4300 400x599

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