Monday, August 18, 2008

New LASH Customs for Super 7 Show!!!

2745612234_cb77226a6e_b 400x533

LASH is hard at work getting ready for his first solo show at Super7 later this year. From the looks of things, he's got some real winners. The RxH Capt. America above kills me.

2772146735_b61cd17af2_o 400x533

2772146725_43aa84ba37_o 400x336

2772118023_a9324325a0_o 400x533

2772118015_7205796045_o 400x533

2772117971_594e7fc06a_o 400x366

2744787519_8e4235dd71_b 400x533

This S7 Blowfish which is a tribute to Slime of "Ghostbusters" fame will be a limited production of 20 figures with header card by Josh Herbolsheimer. Stoked!

2772118033_ebe83d1103_o 400x349

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