Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Bwana Spoons Custom Itokin Park Kawadouji!!

2809560950_2963f5cab6_o 400x225

Without warning, these little resin gems showed up on Bwana Spoons website last week and were snapped up in a second. Itokin Park send 10 of these little resin figures called Kawadouji to Bwana to customize. Sadly, yours truly missed these little guys by a mile.

2809563328_5df749cef9_o 400x303

2809562160_0f02b25a94_o 400x330

2809561672_013e31783d 400x350

2808714583_c9e4372318_o 400x604

2808714471_025a20fed4_o 400x441

2808714241_fabfd8d346_o 400x343

2808713997_6297ab0cca_o 400x583

2808713463_33f690018c_o 400x521

2808712877_3f34b3852a 400x566

2808712645_b44ea9775f_o 400x278

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