Monday, September 22, 2008

Skull Toys x EXOHEAD Skullrex Pictures by Clone666!!

f_DSC00983m_b982c4c 400x533

Fellow 'Brainer Clone666 took these absolutely amazing shots of the Skullrex set I recently painted. I have to admit it's very fulfilling seeing such wonderful pictures of toys I painted. Thank you Clone666...

Everytime I look at these pics, I hear the theme song for "X-Files".

f_DSC00985m_7102648 400x533

f_1m_fd706d4 400x398

f_DSC00986m_1690119 400x533

f_DSC00982m_955059f 400x582

My favorite pic isn't even one of the Skullrex. It's this Red Baron!!

f_DSC00984m_72ebff9 400x533

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