Thursday, September 11, 2008

Itokin Park x Future Plastik Resin Nano!!!

IMG_4551 400x599

Before there was the vinyl Nano, Itokin Park teamed up with UK Online retailer Future Plastik. Gotta hand it to them for spotting great talent early on. This Nano is made of resin with really subtle lavender hues. The rosey cheeks on the face is really nicely done. It's a lot smaller than it's vinyl cousin which is fine by me. I just wish there were more colorway and/or a clear vinyl version in the same size! I heard only 15-20of these guys were made? Crazy! Thanks to a cool Skullbrainer for hooking me up!!

IMG_4554 400x599

IMG_4557 400x599

IMG_4553 400x599

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