Thursday, September 11, 2008

Paul Kaiju Custom Kikaida BLObPUS!!!

IMG_4517 400x599

I missed out on the original version from the Kaiju in NYC show at Toy Tokyo so asked the legendary Paul Kaiju to paint me one using the 1st BLObPUS DX colorway. The amount of details are staggering. Thanks Paul!!

IMG_4521 400x599

Hard to tell, but there is a Pachinko Ball inside the skull!!!

IMG_4522 400x599

Check out the brain wiring!!

IMG_4528 400x599

IMG_4529 400x599

IMG_4527 400x599

IMG_4530 400x599

IMG_4538 400x599

IMG_4526 400x599

IMG_4538 400x599

IMG_4535 400x599

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