Tuesday, September 23, 2008

New Gargamel Drops September 27th!!!

f_tokojim_76da4da 400x532

Just as were rolling into Thrashout this Saturday, Gargamel is conveniently releasing their latest batch of goods including the first Super7 Zombie set. While i'm relieved it's not orange and black, the silver and red is an interesting change of pace. Looks appropriately like they are henchmen in a bad Sci-Fi movie or something. The first zombie called Ooze Bat is designed by Chanmen. Kiyoka designed the mummy zombie next one down. Koji designed the Tokoji Zombie as well as the nice blue Tokoji Seijin above. Thanks for the corrections Koji!!

f_photo07m_5a29421 400x532

f_photo04m_9c85398 400x532

f_photo10m_25a3a84 400x532

f_photo01m_88dd9d9 400x532

f_mummym_b2db0e2 400x532

f_zagplanem_e461323 400x532

f_deathram_a941f42 400x532

f_hedoranm_9f1e0dd 400x532


cometdebris said...
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cometdebris said...

Sorry. The first Zombie there (Ooze Bat) was actually designed by Chanmen, and the second one down was done by Kiyoka.

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